We have over a decade of experiencing representing 13 institutional clients in the acquisition and disposition of single family assets. 

Based on their unique needs, on the acquisitions side we have developed proprietary, customized software to help our clients find, underwrite, and offer on SFR assets more efficiently than any other tools on market.  We not only analyze homes for value and income, but also against the buy boxes of our competition!  Knowing whether or not our competition is going to be interested or not in a given SFR acquisition opportunity affords our clients the unique advantage of being able to adjust their offers knowing how much competition they are going to have–a feature other SFR software does not have, and a strategy not presently being utilized by other large scale institutional buyers in our market.

On the dispositions side, we offer individualized marketing for standard retail sale, stressing robust online marketing with high quality photography, given that 90%+ of retail home buyers now find their home online. 

We also offer marketing services for entire SFR portfolios.  We do this by marketing directly to numerous private and institutional purchasers of portfolios, as well as the typical channels used to target first time investors looking to enter the SFR market via a large portfolio purchase.  This combinations provides for maximum efficiency and ROI.

The software, its development, customization and use are 100% FREE to SFR clients using Olson Gough as one of their acquisitions channels.

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